Every time I receive a treatment from Elisabeta I am profoundly moved by how deeply and effectively she works with such an initially gentle touch. Her dedication and focus whilst giving reflexology along with her understanding of the body means that the every ailment feels attended to. I am usually completely knocked out during the session and yet the next day I am always full of vitality, energy and positivity which carries well on into the week. I have found her service invaluable to my healing and general wellbeing. I'm telling everyone to go and see her!

Jemima, T.

 I truly love my reflexology sessions with Elisabeta. She creates a nurturing and healing atmosphere in which to work her magic on your feet! She has a gentle and intuitive touch. Every treatment leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. I really feel like she helps your body to heal itself.

Gail, H.

I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels and warmth after seeing Elisabeta for only two sessions. After a few more, I have noticed a reduction in inflammation and overall well-being. I can't recommend her enough, an intuitive therapist, her calm and soft demeanour makes you feel at ease while her professional mastery and attention to details takes care of the rest.

Danit, A.L.

I cannot recommend Elisabeta enough - her calm, kind energy and in-depth knowledge of the body and mind greatly helped ease my anxiety and stress levels. After attending several sessions I felt much more relaxed in my daily life and found I had greater energy. I would never have imagined what large impact attending sessions with Elisabeta would have. 

Laura, M.

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